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Tuesday 21st of January 2020

  Development at Osho Software

We provide application design and implementation services to build and manage scalable and flexible architecture in response to our client's business needs. Since technology is what provides dynamism to business functionality on the Internet, while building the application architecture, we consider issues like scalability and security of the system along with the functionality requirements and the development tools. The result is a system that has the flexibility to grow and adapt to the pace of the digital economy. We develop different kinds of applications which includes the:


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 Database Design & Development
Database Development

Osho Software offers Database Design and Development services for new or existing systems. Our team of database developers has experience with a variety of databases. Osho Software offers its extensive experience to build interactive & efficient web database solutions for it's global client base. We offer custom database design & development solutions according to customized needs of clients.


Web databases i.e. MySQL, MsSQL etc are mostly used for Internet development and management because of their global accessibility. With the multitude of database technologies available, it is not difficult to select the right database for your project e.g. (Oracle, SQL-Server, Sybase, My-SQL, MS-Access etc.). A database that is used online over the Internet requires varied technologies and applications than small databases that run over a company own intranet. So the need of custom database software development solutions arises, where we stand ahead to offer you best suited solutions as per your requirements. we use integrated Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) services to perform sophisticated analysis on large and complex relational databases.


Our expertise lies in :

 Database Design
 Database Development and Programming
 Database Integration and Conversion
 Database Management and Administration
 Database Maintenance and Support


Our Experienced database experts will help you select the right database technology in order to develop your custom application. The selection of the database technology will depend on your custom needs. Whether you need a database driven web site or a full-featured, large-scale database driven system, we can offer you hiend database development solutions and services, which are custom built and tailored to meet your specific needs.

 Web Site Development
Web Designing

We create the way how the virtual world looks at you.


Your website, your very own space in the vast ocean of internet, available to all people of the world round the clock/round the year. Your website is a workhorse which works for you tirelessly to achieve your desired expectations through it. Anyone who plans to start a website requires their site to be designed. We at Hosterio offer our expert Website Design Services not only to the Individuals, Professionals and Small Business houses but also to The Large Business Groups.


Our expert and affordable web designing services will help you to generate a unique internet presence for your website which includes top rank listing on the popular search engines to attract more number of visitors to your site to enable you to get the desired results. We at Osho Software help our clients to grow their business worldwide through our professional web designing services.


We are extremely proficient at programming for websites and web-based applications. Our expertise spans server-side programming to client-side programming (VBscript, Javascript, DHTML). Our delivery processes ensure that the code written by us is error-free, well documented, and scalable. We use cutting-edge technology frameworks like Dot Net and XML to ensure that the best-of-the-breed technology is incorporated into the work that we do. Tools used by us for Web Programming are:  PHP, ASP .Net, Active Server Pages (ASP Classic), Java Server Pages (JSP), Dream Weaver, Go-Live, Flash, Scripts etc.


Our expertise lies in :

 Web Site Desining

 Custom Web Development

 Web Site Templates

 Web Site Maintainance

 Content Management System

 Graphic Design

 Network Programming
Network Programming

Web and Internet-based technologies are increasingly being used to bring employees, vendors, partners together in order to streamline HR and business processes. Intranets bring employees together providing instant access to policies & procedures, online training and information sharing. We integrates your existing systems and new knowledge-management-repositories, with the latest tools and technologies. Network applications that let your company use the Internet for secure business relationships with partners, suppliers and customers. With Extranets, businesses gain the competitive advantage of extending their internal systems to external business partners, while making sure that the security of the information and it's access is controlled and maintained.

Our expertise lies in :

  Multi-Tier Customized Applications

  Applications for your E-Business
  Building Quality Network including Wireless, Cabling & Connectors
  AMC for Hassle Free Networks

 Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions

We develop and deploy solutions after capturing and analyzing system requirements. We build solutions on the Object Oriented Programming technology, distributed cross-platform communication using .NET, COM+, enterprise wide content and data distribution using common databases and data standards implemented with XML, middleware and message queuing. Our approach enables us to enhance and maintain productivity in our software development process.

Our expertise lies in :
  Medical Report Writting Applications (CT-Scan, MRI, Ultra-Sound, X-Rays, Lab Tests etc.)

  Inventory Control (Small & Large Scale Business)
  Billing & Data Storage Solutions
  Data-Ware Housing
  Financial Accountancy
  Multi-Level Marketing Solutions

  Quiz & IQ Tester Applications

  Institutes / Schools Management Solution (Students, Fee, Library, On-Line Exams System etc.)

 Educational Solutions

OshoSoftware Educational Application is devoted to assisting teachers, students, parents and companies develop new systems or streamline existing systems to provide education and training in a simple, fast and easy way utilizing your current technology. Our goal is to provide an enthusiastic approach and make the education and training environment more efficient and manageable for all levels of proficiency. Here at Osho Software every project is just as important as the last one, and our can-do attitude allows us to easily implement most requests in a timely fashion. We can help you build your applications to provide the most effective administrative or academic systems to suit your requirements with attention to quality as well as convenience.


Each project, big or small, is treated with the same enthusiastic approach, and every idea or suggestion is extremely valuable to us so that we may meet your expectations. We can make the most routine task seem effortless allowing you more time to focus on other activities.


Our expertise lies in :

  Online Exams & Testing Applications
  Multilingual Quiz Applications
  Mathematics Diagnostic Test Applications

  Multi-Tier Institute or School Management Systems

  Library Management Systems