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Tuesday 21st of January 2020

  Footwear Inventory & Sale Monitoring System
   Inventory & Sale Monitoring System for Footwear Business


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Footwear Inventory & Sale Monitoring System is very efficient way to maintain Footwear Stock and Monitor each Article. Using this Application we can Monitor Sale Daily, Monthly & Yearly Wise. VAT Details, Wholesale Cost, Selling Prices, Article Details e.g. MRP, Sizes, Detail Descriptions etc. are easily maintainable. Suppliers, Purchase, Sale & Billing records are very fast to keep. Discount can be set to each Article so that automatically discount is added to Bill for specific Article on Sale and different kinds of Reports are available to manage stock very efficiently.


  • Features
  • Snapshots
  • Hardware & Software Requirements

Main Features of Footwear Inventory & Sale Monitoring System


 Easy Stock Maintenance

 Monitor Sale Daily, Monthly & Yearly Wise

 Manage Stock Description, M.R.P, & Tax (VAT) Details

 Easy Entry for all Sizes of Footwear

 Maintain Cost (Whole Sale Price) & Selling Price

 Each Article can be marked for Discount / Sale.

 Convenient to add New Stock in Existed Stock

 Fast Search of Articles (Shoes, Sandals, Ladies, Gents etc.)

 Supplier's Details

 Sale to Customers- Maintain Sale Register

 Easy Billing System

 Different Kinds of Reports Available


Reports to Manage Stock Very Efficiently

 Stock In Hand

 Hot Selling Article

 Sex, Age Wise Stock Detail

 Supplier Wise Stock Detail

 Stock VAT % Wise

 Nil Quantity Stock

 Discounted Articles

 Today's Sale

 Specific Bill or Invoice

 Sale VAT % Wise

 Monthly Sale Compression with Previous Month or Year

 Current Month Sale Graph

 Yearly or Month Wise Sale Graph

 Shortage Size of All Articles

 What To Order

 Monthly Mirror

 Daily Mirror

 Accountant Requirements


User Interface
  Totally Customized User Friendly Formatted Reports

 Support All Monitor Resolutions
 Customized Report Page Setups
 All Reports Support Print Preview

 All Reports Exportable in Word, Excel, Word Pad Format
 Easy Backup & Restore Database


Snapshots of House Tax Application
Click to enlarge the snapshot

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements
 500 MHz Processor or Higher
 20 MB Free Hard Disk Space
 256 MB RAM or Higher
 Monitor (Support All Sizes / Resolution)

 Normal Keyboard
 Optical / Mechanical Mouse
 Printer (80 Columns)


Software Requirements

 Windows 95, 98, ME, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7
 DMP Printer Driver Installed
 Monitor Resolution 800x600 or higher