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Tuesday 21st of January 2020

  House Tax Assessment System
   House Tax Demand, Collection, Remission & Assessment Application


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House Tax Assessment Application is designed for Municipal committees for the purpose of calculation the House Tax for various types of Residential (Rental only), Commercial and Industrial Buildings. It also maintains the complete record of all the entries made and all the transactions related to entries for the current and the previous years. In Municipal committee there are various registers used to keep the record of the assessment entries.

Various types of registers and their use is given below:
TS-1: Assessment registers: - To keep record of assessment registers.
TS-2: Assessment objections: - To keep record of assessment objections.
TS-5: Demand, Collection & Remission Register: - To keep record of final demands and Collections.

TS-6: Bill: - To Keep record of paid bills.


Following are the considerations while calculating the House Tax
If Annual Rent Value (ARV) is less than Rs.1200 (Editable), no tax.
If ARV is less than Rest. 1800 (Editable), then tax is 12.5% (Editable) of ARV.
If ARV is more than Rest. 1800 (Editable), then tax is 18% (Editable) of ARV.
• There is no tax levied on self residential buildings.
Tax is imposed only if there is any type of business activity carried out in building.
The purpose of this software is to easy the work of making entries and to perform various accounting calculations    pertaining to House Taxes in accordance with the current Taxing rules.


  • Features
  • Snapshots
  • Hardware & Software Requirements

Main Features of House Tax Assessment System


 Registration of House Tax Coustomers

 Occupiers Details

 Calculation of Annual Rental Value and Tax

 Automatically Issue of House Tax Asscess Letter

 Assessment Register

 Auto Generation of Demand, Collection & Remission Details

 Indiviual Demand, Colection & Remission History

 Auto Bill Generation

 Notice Fee Calculation and Storage

 Control Panel for Settings of All Items
    e.g. Taxable %, Decpreciation Rate, Notice Fee, Deduction Rates etc.

 All Printable Required Reports.


Easy Calculation & Settings (All Values are Editable)

 Depreciation is 10% on Cost of construction.

 Annual rental Value is 5% of total cost of construction.

 Default Notice Fee is Rs. 7.50< /p>

 No Tax if cost of land + Building is less than Rs. 1200.00

 12.5% Tax if amount is less than Rs. 1800.00

 15% if Amount is more than Rs. 1800

 Maintenance Deduction is 10% of cost of construction.

 10% Rebate if payment is made within 15 days.

 House Tax interest after 30 days is 12%.

 House Tax interest after 90 days is 18%.

User Interface
  Totally Customized User Friendly Formatted Reports

 Support All Monitor Resolutions
 Customized Report Page Setups
 All Reports Support Print Preview
 Easy Backup & Restore Database



 Easy to create New Uers..

 Easily Assign the Permissions & Privileges to inviduals.

 Protected Supervisor, Administrator & Users Accounts.



Snapshots of House Tax Application
Click to enlarge the snapshot

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements
 500 MHz Processor or Higher
 20 MB Free Hard Disk Space
 256 MB RAM or Higher
 Monitor (Support All Sizes / Resolution)

 Normal Keybord
 Optical / Mechanical Mouse
 Dot-Matrix Printer (120 Columns)

 Continuous Stationary for Billing.( If printing is too slow try the DPI settings from the Printer settings)


Software Requirements

 Windows 95, 98, ME, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7
 DMP Printer Driver Installed
 Monitor Resolution 800x600 or higher