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Tuesday 21st of January 2020

  Lab Test Report Writer 6.0
   Lab Test Report Writing Application


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Lab Test Report Writer 6.0 is an Ultimate Application for Fast Generation of Lab Test Medical Report. Lab Test Report Writer is based on Predefined Normal and Abnormalities Lines, Which are Easy to Select. User can select Required Lab Tests and choose Refrencee Doctor & Save the record. Now click on Generate Report option to Generate New Report. Fill the values and Print the Report. Every Line in the Report could be Formatted as per Requirements i.e. Font, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline etc. Normal & Abnormal Report Lines are Completely  Customizable. Refencee Doctor's Detail, Rate List, Printer & Page Setup, Report Pad Margin etc. are completely adjustable accoring to requiremts. User can add New Lab tests any time.


  • Features
  • Snapshots
  • Hardware & Software Requirements

Lab Test Report Writer 6.0


 Generate Medical Report on

          All Types of Lab Test

 Registration of Patients (using Network or without)
     i.e. including Name & Address, Doctor Reference, Type of Diagnose etc.
 Generate waiting slips with complete details for
    a. Patient
    b. Account Department
    c. Doctor's Remark
 Report can be viewed on any monitor on Network.
 Easy to generate all types of reports in seconds.
 Select Normal/Abnormal lines to generate reports.
 Store Doctors details and their codes.
 Add Impression and Advices
 Format reports according to choice. (Change Color, Font, Size, Bold, Italic, Underline etc.)
 Support Networking.
 Save reports for later reference.
 Add, Modify or Delete Report Lines Permanently.
 OnLine-Help is available with codes reference.
 Password Protected Data to avoid unauthorized access.
 Rate list can be modified.
 You can change Networking Host & Client settings.
 Page Setup is possible according to stationary used by scaning centre.
    (Top, Left Margins etc.)
 Report Signature & Footer is adjustable.
 Support all types of Printers. (Laser, Inkjet, DMP etc.)
 Support Multiple Printers at the same time.
 Sequence of Lab test can be modified.
 Normal / Abnormal lines can be added or modified.
 Change Environment ( Report Heading, Fonts and spacing etc.) 

 Fast Search Records
 Support Server Database
 Easy to Install on Multiple Computers in Local Network


User Interface
  Totally Customized User Friendly Formatted Reports

 Support All Monitor Resolutions (1024 x 768)
 Customized Report Page Setups
 Easy Backup & Restore Database


 Permissions & Privileges

 Password Protected Admin Account


Snapshots of Application
Click on Image for Enlarge View


Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

 800 MHz Processor
 10 GB Free Hard Disk Space
 256 MB or Higher RAM
 Normal Keybord
 Optical / Mechanical Mouse
 Ethernet Peer to Peer Network (if Application Required on Multiple Computers)


Software Requirements

 Windows 7, Vista, XP, Win ME, Win 98
 Printer Driver Installed
 Monitor Resolution (Support 800x600, 1024x768)

 Application will install rest of the required drivers.