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Tuesday 21st of January 2020

  Water & Sewerage Billings System
   Water & Sewerage Demand, Collection, Remission & Billing System

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Water & Sewerage Demand, Collection, Remission & Billing Systsem is used by Municipal Committee to find out the current Demand generated and figure out the collection, Remission details. Monthly bills are generated, Printed and distributed to the Registered People. All the Registers, Reports required by the committee are autometically generated by the system.


  • Features
  • Snapshots
  • Hardware & Software Requirements

Joint Features of Water & Sewerage Billing System


 Registration of Water & Sewerage Connections

 Water & Sewerage Meters Records Keeping

 Maintainance of Water & Sewerage Demand, Collection and Remission Details

 Generation of Water & Sewerage Bills

 All Payment Entries & Calculation of Rebate

 All Required Water & Sewerage Reports

 Water & Sewerage
 Connections Analysis
 Fast Search Records


User Interface
  Totally Customized User Friendly Formatted Reports

 Support All Monitor Resolutions
 Customized Report Page Setups
 All Reports Support Print Preview
 Easy Backup & Restore Database



 Easy to create New Uers..

 Easily Assign the Permissions & Privileges to inviduals.

 Protected Supervisor, Administrator & Users Accounts.

Snapshots of Water & Sewerage Billing Application
Click to enlarge the snapshot

Hardware & Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

 500 MHz Processor
 10 GB Free Hard Disk Space
 256 MB or Higher RAM
 Normal Keybord
 Optical / Mechanical Mouse

 Dot-Matrix Printer (120 Columns)

 Continuous Stationary for Billing.( If printing is too slow try the DPI settings from the Printer settings)


Software Requirements

 Windows 95, 98, ME, Win XP, Vista, Windows 7
 DMP Printer Driver Installed
 Monitor Resolution 800x600 or higher